Our Educational Philosophies

At Habitat Early Learning we offer families choice when it comes to their child’s early education. Families can choose between an emergent curriculum or a Montessori program in each of our services. We can help you determine which program is best suited to your child’s learning style.

Emergent Curriculum

Children’s interest and emerging understandings are the foundation of an emergent curriculum. Early childhood educators observe, interact and listen to each child, building an understanding of their competencies and capabilities, and actively plan to extend and challenge their knowledge. As capable and confident, the child actively negotiates the direction of the curriculum. Our environments facilitate individual, small and whole group inquiry through a play based mode of learning.

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Montessori Programs

Education Philosopher, Dr Maria Montessori, believed that the goal of early learning should be to cultivate a child’s natural desire to learn. Central to the Montessori philosophy is the premise that no human being is educated by another person, but is rather motivated by natural curiosity and love for knowledge.

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Kindergarten Programs

Habitat Early Learning provides an Approved Kindergarten Program within our Long Day Care Service. The program is funded by the Queensland Government, and is facilitated by an Early Childhood Teacher between the hours of 8.00am until 4.30pm. Within the Kindergarten program, children engage in play-based learning experiences, participate in our Transition to School program (including excursions to local schools) and develop the necessary skills to provide a smooth transition to their first year of schooling.

Download our Kindergarten Statement of fees here.

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Extra-Curricular Programs

Our range of extra-curricular programs enhance learning, teaching children about themselves and the world they live in. Built around our 3 core teaching priorities - education, nutrition and health, our educational programs will kick start your child’s learning journey.
Performing Arts
Dance, movement, theatre, music. Delivered by former Disney star and opera singer Kirby Thompson, our Performing Arts Program is tailored to meet the interests 
and development levels of each age group.
Mandarin Language
Mandarin Language
An introduction to Mandarin and an insight in Chinese culture, our Mandarin Language Program is delivered by a native Mandarin speaker who is experienced in teaching the language to young children.
Happy Habits
From yoga and mindfulness, to healthy eating and food preparation, we’ll help your child establish lifelong habits.

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