Extra-Curricular Programs
Extra-Curricular Programs

Habitat’s curriculum is enriched by a range of extra-curricular activities, offered to delight your child’s senses and enhance learning experiences. Tailored to meet the interests and developmental levels of each age cohort, our Extra-Curricular Programs are available to every child as part of our all-inclusive fee structure.

Performing Arts Program

All children enrolled at Habitat Early Learning benefit from participation in our Performing Arts Program. Designed and implemented by an accredited opera singer, talented musician and passionate educator, the Performing Arts Program offers children the opportunity to experience dance and movement, musical theory, instrumentation, and performance as part of the curriculum.

Language and Culture Program (Mandarin)

Immersing young children in second language and culture helps expand their interests and develop an understanding of difference, as well as promote learning. Our language program is delivered by a native Mandarin speaker who is experienced in teaching the language to young children.

The program is currently offered to our Kindergarten children. The lessons are fun and interactive, incorporating pictures, role play, songs, and games.

Happy Habits

Our Happy Habits program is a holistic approach to wellbeing that introduces children to four key elements of wellness: social and emotional wellbeing, mindfulness, nutrition and physical development. Children from two years of age take part in the Happy Habits Program, participating in activities such as yoga, perceptual motor drills, breathing and introductory meditation, and nutrition based lessons where they build understanding of sound food choices.

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